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The Performance Branch creates applications and publishes resources to help the NWS achieve its maximum forecast and warning performance. Our goal is to provide subject matter expertise, assist service programs in defining requirements, collaborate with research and development efforts, while striving for exceptional customer service. We hope you find the site a useful resource. An account is required to access most of the site content. Please login or register.

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METAR Import Problems Affecting TAF Verification

METAR Import Problems Affecting TAF Verification


The automated import of METAR data for TAF verification has experienced problems since April 2, 2017 and we are troubleshooting the issue.   In the meantime, we have been manually importing METARs--a time consuming process.  To date, April 6, 9, and 10  are available and TAF verification is complete.  We continue to import data for other dates as time permits.  We are sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.  We will notify you when we have an estimate of when normal TAF verification operations will resume.

Late Winter 2016-2017 Edition of Peak Performance!

Released – Late Winter 2016-2017 Edition of Peak Performance!


The Performance and Evaluation Branch has released a late Winter 2016-2017 Peak Performance Newsletter!  In this issue, you will find the following articles:

1) NWS FY2016 Q4 Customer Satisfaction Survey Update  2) Did You Know?  3) Ask Chuck!  4) Status Update on TAF Verification Requirements and Specifications  5) Service Assessment Program  6) Status of Service Assessment Action Items    

We hope the articles peak your interest, also add value to your program areas.  If you would like to contribute to the Spring 2017 Edition of Peak Performance, please submit articles by April 7, 2017.  Submission guidelines may be found here.  We look forward to hearing from you!



The Historic Nor’easter of January 2016

NWS Releases The Historic Nor’easter of January 2016


A historic blizzard affected much of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states from January   22–24, 2016.  Over 100 million people were affected by the historic Nor’easter that dumped widespread 2¬–3 foot snowfall accumulations across the region.  The snow was accompanied by winds in excess of 35 mph creating blizzard conditions over much of the area.  The combination of wind and very heavy snow created major impacts to travel, closed many major airports, and stranded hundreds of motorists on roads.

The historic Nor’easter also led to significant coastal flooding along portions of the Mid-Atlantic and northeast seaboard.  Numerous roads, homes, and businesses along the New Jersey and Delaware coasts were flooded and emergency personnel conducted numerous water rescues.  The coastal flooding along the southern portion of the Jersey shore exceeded that experienced in the area during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.

Because of the significant impacts of the event, the National Weather Service formed a service assessment team to evaluate its performance before and during the historic Nor’easter.  

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Winter Edition Available NOW!
Winter Edition Available NOW!